What is PlayTest?

Originally held at HardwareZone's old premises in June 2008, PlayTest was conceptualized by the editorial teams of HardwareZone and HWM as a physical event where our readers get a chance to interact with brand new gadgets and as a great platform to mingle with the teams and get answers directly from the tech experts on anything from technology trends to buying advice prior to tech shows such as COMEX.

How is PlayTest@COMEX different from other technology seminars?

PlayTest@COMEX is both a learning and interactive experience, moderated by the editorial team of HardwareZone.com and HWM. While many other seminars are often solely brand-driven, ours generally begin with an introduction on the relevant technology landscape by an editor or writer.

While many other seminars are a one-way event, PlayTest@COMEX is designed to be a cozy way for participants to interact with both editorial and partner products teams. We want to offer COMEX visitors the space and time to really try out products and services, instead of jostling with gadget-hogs (ie. spending too much time queuing and little time really trying out a product before buying them).

What is the theme of PlayTest@COMEX?

The theme for this PlayTest is called Smart Digital Empowerment. Five key technology categories were identified to be the biggest trends for COMEX visitors this year, so we partnered with some of the most established players in their respective fields in order to bring in the best experts. These categories are: Digital Imaging (Canon), Fibre Broadband (SingTel), Smartphone (HTC), Innovative Computing (Toshiba) and Smart Displays (Samsung).

So what really goes on at PlayTest@COMEX?

There will be five seminars per day, per category, across all four days. These seminars will focus on that particular category's technology trends and products. For example, Canon will touch on shooting techniques and better ways to achieve good photography through angles, subjects and themes, while HTC will cover unique features of two of their latest smartphones -- the HTC Evo 3D and HTC Sensation.

Besides seminars, some brand partners such as Toshiba have also lined up a series of activities during their talks. These activities will help participants get a better hands-on experience with the products. Not only that, once the seminars and Q&As are done, participants are also free to visit the different partner booths nearby.

When or where is PlayTest@COMEX held?

PlayTest@COMEX runs for all four days of COMEX 2011 from 1 - 4 September 2011, 11am - 9.30pm. We are located at Suntec Convention Centre, Level 2, Meeting Rooms 208 - 209.

I'm sold. So how can I sign up?

Online registrations were possible through this site since early August. As PlayTest@COMEX has already commenced, online registrations have now closed and we've moved registration on-site.

You can now check out seminar details and timetables online, then simple drop by PlayTest@COMEX at Suntec Convention Centre, Level 2, Meeting Rooms 208 - 209, and sign up on the spot.

Registration is FREE, plus all participants ge a change to win prizes such as games and headphones in our instant lucky dip, as well as a Sony PS3 or Microsoft Xbox 360 with Kinect game console in a daily lucky draw.

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